juillet 14, 2016

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

A few facts
Surface: 2 586 km²
(82 km long – 57 km wide)

Capital city: Luxembourg

Currency: Euro

Number of inhabitants: 576,246

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is often and wrongly considered as a tax haven. Yet, it is one of the six founding members of Europe in 1951 with France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. Luxembourg borders France, Germany and Belgium.

Luxembourg is well-known for being the wealthiest country of the world per capita. Also, it is a world business and finance high place. It is the ideal location to enter both the European and the world markets.

The different European conventions (for instance the Treaty of Rome, the Maastricht and the Schengen agreements) seek to define and guarantee the « four freedoms ». Said freedoms are the free movement of goods, people, capital and services within the European Union.

Therefore every European citizen has the freedom, in compliance with the law, to create a company in the country where he finds its geographical and/or financial interest.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg offers an impressive panel of benefits in terms of taxation compared to its European fellow citizens. Intra-community relations are made easier by the four languages regularly spoken in Luxembourg. Indeed, these languages are French, German, English and Luxembourgish.

Official portal to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Luxembourg Public.

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the European business place