juillet 14, 2016


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From Luxembourg: 18 km from Luxembourg City, 4 km from Esch-sur-Alzette
From France: 60 km from Metz, 370 km from Paris, 500 km from Lyon
From Belgium: 40 km from Arlon, 180 km from Liege, 230 km from Brussels
From Germany: 70 km from Trier, 95 km from Saarbrücken

Fiduciaire Euro Conseil Entreprise S.A.

8. am Wapp
L-3841 Schifflange

Tél.: +352 26 55 34 22
Fax : +352 26 55 12 23

Located in the south of Luxembourg, in a charming and pleasant setting nearby many shops (shopping center, banks, hotels, restaurants and other various shops), Schifflange is a young and dynamic city in favor of businesses expansion and welcomes numerous activities.

Schifflange, which is a city easy to get to thanks to the Belgian, French and German motorways, is located nearby the main Luxembourgian and European cities.